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About Us

Everyone loves indie games for their originality, personality and the passion put into making them. Our Latin American market for digital indie games is over 50 million players spending almost 3 billion dollars per year.

However, too many PC Indie Game Developers still have trouble getting their great games out there in the market and showcasing them in an effective way.

That's why we're giving the best Indie Games a beautiful new home. And that is SplitPlay.

The Founders

Rodrigo Coelho

Rodrigo Coelho

User Experience and Game Design

Indies favorites

  1. World of Goo
  2. Aritana e a Pena da Harpia
  3. Bellatorus Deluxe
  4. Bastion
  5. Trine 2
  6. Little Inferno
Eric Salama

Eric Salama

Visual and User Experience Design

Indies favorites

  1. Broforce
  2. Guacamelee
  3. Sword and Sworcery
  4. Mark of The Ninja
  5. Aritana
  6. Braid
Henrique Bejgel

Henrique Bejgel

Backend Web Development

Indies favorites

  1. Magicka
  2. Rogue Legacy
  3. Bastion
  4. Super Meat Boy
  5. Beat Hazard


SEED Minas Gerais

First Generation Of Seed Minas Gerais

Generation 9 of Startup Chile

Startup Rio

First generation of Startup RIO

Get in Touch

Want to distribute your game throught Spliplay? Have questions, complaints, suggestions about how we can improve the website and help the Indie Games community? Just wanna stay updated on the indie world and new games available? Reach and follow us through any of our channels below.

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